Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Whites

Yesterday the first white morning glory bloomed. I love it's lavender throat. It's such a 'southern belle' of a flower, twining itself into everyone's good graces, demur in it's ruffled gossamer white with just a hint of wild at it's center, mischievous - you never know where it will turn up next - ready to steal the show .

 This morning  there are three more belles at the ball - how the bees love them.
Some states classify this morning glory that I love as a noxious weed. I'm appalled. Mines grows in the same bed as the pink azaleas which bloom in the spring then come June the Ipomoea pandurata (man of the earth) blooms till frost. My  Ipomoea pandurata  has never turned up, uninvited, in other parts of the yard so I'm inclined to believe that my man of the earth's unruly reputation is undeserved.

Another white daylily today - this one opens slowly through out the day and has a small pleasing fragrance.

               Looking all shy (we all know she is not) Stella's returned for an encore and it looks like she may      have a following.

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