Friday, June 10, 2011

Spider Reds

I don't know the name of this daylily, I planted it about 15 years ago and while it is more subdued than my other reds, really more of a deep rose, it has a heart of  gold and  is, like an old friend, the most dependable.


Carol J. Garvin said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Sally. I've found my way back here and have been enjoying your beautiful daylily photos. This one looks much like what we call Common Orange Daylily, although I don't think mine has quite as much yellow in the throat. It grows enthusiastically here, but the long stalks lean towards the sun and hang across other nearby plants. I like your apt description... it truly is an old and dependable garden friend. Most of my clumps have come from one original one that was here on the property when we moved here fifteen years ago.

househen said...

Thanks for stopping by Carol - you may be right about the name - one of my daughters brought me a daylily from a trip to Iowa and it could very well have been this one. ...I really need to keep a garden journal.